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PPC donates P1 Milion to COVID- 19 Relief Fund

Cement manufacturing giant PPC Botswana has joined forces in fighting the Coronavirus which has cost human lives, distressed the local economy, and shattered social order by donating BWP1 million to the COVID- 19 Relief Fund.

This comes after the government established a relief fund in an effort to engage different stakeholders, including corporate citizens, in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic in one of the worst socio-economic disruptions in the country in modern history. “This pandemic has greatly affected our communities, our way of life and our economic fulcrum as a people and a state. It threatens the socio-economic order of our nation, our health, our lives and our wealth as a country. Our very existence is under threat. With so many lives lost the world over and growing infections at home, we decided to act. Our contribution is meant to bolster the Relief Fund resources and assist with the Ministry of Health’s strategy of containment. We have faith that Batswana will support the government’s efforts in the fight against Covid-19. We hope that this will play a major role in ensuring that Batswana are safe and that we can continue to assist in improving the quality of life for Batswana,” says PPC Botswana Business Unit Head, Tuelo Botlhole.

Presidential Affairs, Governance and Public Administration Minister, Kabo Morwaeng has stated that contributions made to the relief fund will play a major role during these trying times.

“We are in this fight together and it is our responsibility to work closely with the government to ensure that we conquer the coronavirus. I am also urging my fellow counterparts in various industries to take charge and assist the government in these difficult times,” said PPC Botswana Business Unit Head, Botlhole.

After the BWP1 million cheque presentation, Botlhole further stated that PPC Botswana will continue to support the government where necessary by emphasizing what he called an economic recovery strategy.

“As industry players we have to share strategies with the Government on how best we believe we can recover and restore our economy moving forward. This includes local participation, strengthening manufacturing, and building strong foundations for all primary industries for our economic independence and viability. Covid-19 has highlighted points that will need to be addressed by different industry constituents and policy-makers in strengthening local economic players, and citizen participation,” emphasizes Botlhole.

The development and empowerment of Botswana communities, and local manufacturing empowerment for economic participation is part of PPC Botswana local development strategies. Some of these initiatives include Local brickmaking workshops, local SME support and development and Mokolodi Creche to mention a few.

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