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Readymix Concrete

A wide range of concrete products

PPC offers a wide range of concrete products. Our mixes can be designed to customer specifications.

Regular Concrete mixes

General concrete for home and building applications

  • Ground floor applications

Pumpable Concrete Mixes

Pumpable concrete for home and building applications

  • 1st floor applications

SURE-FIBRE (Fibre Concrete)

Low shrinkage concrete with added Monofilament 12mm Polypropylene Fibre

  • To reduce plastic shrinkage cracks, the recommended uses is for floors, Shotcrete and Precast applications


Concrete Specified Strength - 18MPa at 72 hours from last concrete delivered to site.

  • Precast, building construction using formwork involving post tensioning slabs.


Concrete Early Strength - more than 10MPa at 24 hours or more than 20MPa at 72 hours.

  • To obtain early strength characteristics for site specific projects when required.

Ready-mix Plaster

A quality premix designed to achieve a good consistent quality finish.

  • Designed for demanding applications of both internal and external plastering.

SURE-SLC (Self-Levelling Concrete)

Concrete with a high Flow value (Over 600mm) without any segregation during handling/placement.

  • To access restricted confined areas, congested reinforcing, specialised repairs.

SURE-SCC (Self-Compacting Concrete)

It’s is a specialized mix with high fluidity and non-segregation characteristics, which spreads into place with no need of vibration compaction.

  • Pre-cast products, Shafts, Columns


High strength, low shrinkage concrete features reduced curling, with or without fibres, Min. strength 30MPa , slump 100mm, Cement min. 310kg/m3, Max. 30% extender, Max W/C 0.53

  • Industrial Floors


High strength, low shrinkage concrete features reduced curling, with or without fibres, Min. strength 30MPa, achieves flatness less than , slump 125mm, Cement min. 310kg/m3, Max. 30% extender, Max W/C 0.53

  • Durable Concrete Slabs

Colour concrete

An exciting concrete mix, pigment treated concrete to achieve decorative colour distributed throughout the concrete, adding a new dimension to your home or building.

  • Floors and Slabs

Exposed Concrete

An exciting concrete mix with exposed aggregates that appear during the finishing process. Unique stone and colour combinations provide added flair to the slip-resistant finish.

  • For outdoor use on projects like driveways, walkways, and patios.

Polish Concrete

An exciting concrete that offers a smooth, flat and glossy finish. Slip-resistant as well as aesthetically pleasing.

  • The polish mixes is both durable and easy to maintain. This innovative product is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

No fines concrete(NFC)

A material economic mix containing no sand only made up of coarse aggregates, cement, admixture and water, guarantee good thermal insulation.

  • Used for load bearing cast-in-place external walls of single and multi-storey housing


Ready-mix Concrete screed mixes designed to minimise shrinkage and curling while using high quality materials.

  • Correcting floor levels in houses, offices and specialised screeds for factories (upon request)