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Going Beyond

Peat-Power Plant Project Rwanda

At its core, CIMERWA is committed to strengthening Rwanda in a pursuit to fortify strong foundations for future generations.

Pleasingly, in line with this vision, CIMERWA is the exclusive supplier of cement for the construction of a peat-to-power plant: the first of its kind in Rwanda in the Gisagara district, located in the southern province of Rwanda. 

The majority of the total energy available in Rwanda is generated using heavy fuel oil or diesel power plants. But the peat-to-power plantwill provide a sustainable alternative solution and add 80MW to Rwanda’s national grid by 2020. It is estimated that a total of 10 500t of CIMERWA 42,5R will be used for the construction of the plant.

Peat-Power Plant Project Rwanda

Project cost

US$350 m

Project start date:

May 2017