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Kangnas Windfarm Project

South Africa is experiencing an energy crisis, with rolling blackouts continuing to plague the country. Wind-generated power presents a cheaper alternative to the exorbitant costs associated with the construction of new stations.

The Kangnas Wind Farm is being constructed for the South Africa Mainstream Renewable Power Kangnas (RF) Pty Limited close to Springbok in the Nama Khoi municipality in the Northern Cape. Wind is a clean source of renewable energy and emits no pollutants. Furthermore, 1MW of wind energy equates to 2 600 fewer tonnes of carbon emissions when compared to coal-fired energy generation and does not consume water during the generation process.

Once operational, the Kangnas Wind Farm will generate 140MW of clean renewable power from its 61 wind turbine generators (WTGs). Furthermore, the wind farm is expected to eliminate about 550 000 tonnes of carbon emissions per year in comparison to more traditional fossil fuel plants.

The project includes the construction of civil works for the balance of plant required for the wind farm to generate a total of 140MW, and includes the construction of 52km gravel road access roads, drainage works, 61 crane hardstands and bases, trenching and backfilling of cables between WTGs and substation, and route modifications and auxiliary road maintenance.

At PPC, we know that innovation and the use of alternative energy sources play a role in the development of South Africa. PPC is proud to supply both SURETECH and Ground Granulated Blastfurnace Slag to facilitate the development of this wind farm.

Kangnas Windfarm Project

Project cost

R901.1 m

Project start date:

August 2018