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Going Beyond

DRC National Museum

The DRC’s first national museum was built on instruction of former president Mobutu with the aim of redefining the country’s identity after the colonialism period. The museum comprised a set of small warehouses with an instore capacity estimated to 50 000 items, including collections, paintings, cultural artefacts and audio recording documents.

Unfortunately, the museum has been neglected as a result of lack of maintenance. In 2017, the Korean government offered to construct a new museum, one that is able to house the former national museum items, as well as those items from Europe as part of a restitution programme. The new building was built in 
Lingwala, and was inaugurated at the end of June 2019.

We are proud to have supplied a total of 2 195 tonnes of cement – both SURECAST and SURECEM.

DRC National Museum

Project cost

US$ 10 m

Project start date:

July 2017