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PPC Mozambique

  • Registered in July 2011

  • Forms part of PPC International Division

  • Is responsible for growing and managing PPC’s operation in Mozambique

  • Purpose is to maximise PPC’s market activity and grow the PPC brand

  • Supplies and distributes PPC’s Strength Guaranteed brands which stand for quality, consistency, and reliability

  • Offers support to its customer base through enhanced distribution capabilities covering all regions in Mozambique

  • Provides product delivery service to customers

  • Delivers innovative value-added customer solutions, including technical support, which are customised to the local market

  • Has its main office in Maputo with regional presence in Tete. Will be expanding shortly to Nacala and Pemba.

  • Identifies and develops new business opportunities for PPC in Mozambique

  • Has the benefit of over 12 years of experience in supplying large retailers and construction projects in Mozambique, and the support of PPC

  • Is supported by PPC International Trading, which has specialised skills and expertise in cement sourcing, shipping and handling

  • Interacts with central and local government and other stakeholders

  • Prioritises health and safety in all its activities

  • Acts responsibly, with the customer and community in mind at all times