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24 October 2017

PPC hands over Mobile Science and IT Labs to Intshukumo Secondary School, Gugulethu in the Western Cape

PPC hands over Mobile Science and IT Lab to Intshukumo Secondary School,
Gugulethu in the Western Cape
PPC prides itself on creating and supporting corporate social investment campaigns that
make a real difference in the lives of the communities. It is against this backdrop that the
company recently handed over another of its flagship Mobile Science and IT Labs to
Intshukumo Secondary School, Gugulethu in the Western Cape. The mobile lab, an ideal
alternative for underprivileged schools such as this one, incorporates both technology and
the science equipment needed to conduct experiments covered in the high school science
syllabus – bringing physics and chemistry to life as never before.
The Mobile Science Lab initiative was developed by PPC to support talented budding
scientists, providing them with the tools to develop their skills. The recent lab handovers
form part of several initiatives planned to benefit schools countrywide. Through their rollout,
PPC has already positively impacted over 10 000 learners, opening up new career paths for
them to become South Africa’s next generation of engineers, scientists and technicians.
Excited grade 9, 10 and 11 pupils at Intshukumo Secondary School are direct beneficiaries
of the initiative – and enjoyed the demonstration of “science in action” during the handover.
The lab is a self-sufficient portable structure on wheels and will be used to teach science to
learners at the school going forward, enabling practical interactive demonstrations, as well
as appropriate revision for exams.
“Providing access to quality, meaningful education remains one of our continent and
country’s greatest challenges,” notes Kabira Akoob, Group CSI Manager at PPC. “For
education to create tangible future opportunities for our children, corporates need to
collaborate with government and communities to help learners to develop the skills they
need to achieve their dreams. It is our hope that today’s handover will unlock new career
options for many of these learners, and impact their lives in a meaningful way.”
A major development in the ongoing rollout of the PPC Mobile Science and IT Lab initiative
has been the company’s collaboration with project partner Diebold Nixdorf. Jean Christophe
Bouche, Diebold Nixdorf’s Managing Director for East and Southern Africa, explains that the
company is committed to contributing to youth development through this initiative:
“Education is a powerful tool for youth development and pivotal to transforming the
economy. We are very proud to be part of the handovers in the Western Cape.”
Because sustainability is a key focus of the initiative, PPC has put various measures in place
to ensure the most effective use of the labs. Educational company Brainwave will offer
workshops and psychometric analysis to assist learners at the schools with their subject
selection and provide them with career guidance going forward. “Through this assessment,
they will be better equipped to select subjects that are suited to their personality, helping
them to choose a career path that’s right for them,” explains Akoob.
With measurable impact another critical aspect of the programme, PPC’s memorandum of
understanding with the Department of Basic Education enables the company to monitor
outputs of each and every lab. This speaks directly PPC’s short to medium-term plan of
offering bursaries to deserving matriculants from participating schools who want to pursue
PPC-related careers.
“As a legacy brand, celebrating 125 years in existence, PPC wants to leave an equally
lasting legacy in communities across the country – one that demonstrates that there’s far
more to us as a brand. We’re excited to be working with our partners to make this initiative a
reality, shaping the futures of our children in a positive and meaningful way,” concludes