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15 May 2017

Builders Box press release

PPC and Prominent Paints gear to launch first community empowerment Builders Box
in Soweto
Small construction companies, youth and DIY-lovers in Soweto will soon be able to receive
building and other skills development training virtually on their doorstep! This initiative is
courtesy of the very first “Builders Box”, sponsored by PPC and Prominent Paints. The novel
containerised solution is set to open its doors in April: providing quality products, technical
support and practical skills training to the community – helping address a critical skills gap
and stimulating the local township economy whilst empowering individuals to make their
building dreams a reality.
A smart new multi-purpose container solution will soon make all the difference to
unemployed youth, SMMEs and home-owners in Soweto. Developed by Africa’s Got Game
in partnership with PPC and Prominent Paints, the Builders Box will feature a retail area
where customers can purchase building products directly, as well as a fully equipped training
room and demonstration yard where youth and construction SMMEs from the area can learn
new skills and improve their existing ones.
“While the Builders Box will give customers easy access to both our products and our
technical expertise, the driving force behind this initiative is to empower people living here
through skills development and subsequent job creation,” says Kevin Odendaal, PPC
Executive: Gauteng Cement. “This builds on our company commitment to grow and develop
our communities, country and continent.”
Got Game Executive Shan Naidoo explains that the Builders Box will assist in the process of
township revitalisation, providing formal building trade skills training for unemployed youth
and local entrepreneurs at the business support centre. Both PPC and Prominent Paints will
offer training and demonstrations at the centre. The space will also be available to other
training service providers as required. “Course topics to be covered will include everything
from basic budgeting and finance to practical building, and painting skills and
demonstrations. Customers will also qualify to attend training sessions of their choice by
simply registering at the Builders Box.”
Visitors will additionally find themselves helped in-store by local youth from the area. Three
young people from the community are currently undergoing retail and product-specific
training to ensure they are appropriately upskilled to serve customers. Their knowledge will
be supplemented by devices that can link customers to the PPC and Prominent Paints
websites, and app in the case of PPC. “This will help them make the right decision about the
quantity they need to buy, as well as correct product strength required, amongst others,”
says Odendaal.
“The Builders Box will give us an opportunity to contribute and provide solutions to the
unemployment challenge that we face as a country,” says Lani Carstens, Brand Marketing
Manager: Prominent Paints. “Our investment of over R300K will go directly towards
providing sustainable long-term socio-economic upliftment in Soweto. This is what will
ultimately define success for us,” she concludes.