Surewall is a cement made at the PPC

Surewall is a cement made at the PPC Bulawayo Factory from high quality raw materials. Clinker being inter-ground with gypsum and an approptiate amount of extender.


Product Description

SUREWALL is a cement made at the Harare and PPC Bulawayo Factories from high quality raw materials. Clinker being inter-ground with gypsum and an appropriate amount of extender.


SUREWALL is a masonry cement type MC 22,5X. Typical applications are mortar, plaster, masonry products, paving, precast products and soil stabilisation. SUREWALL is a tried and tested product that has
been engineered to achieve a consistent and appropriate performance. SUREWALL has been optimised for a broad range of applications, whilst maintaining the appropriate levels of quality.


SUREWALL is a cement designed to meet the type MC 22,5X strength class of ZWS EN 413-1 for Masonry Cements and is identifi ed as:

  • Cement SAZS ENV 413-1 MC 22,5


Bulk storage silos should be inspected on a regular basis to ensure the inspection hatch seal is watertight and fi lters are clean and unblocked. Cement bags are not waterproof and should be stored under cover, off the ground to a maximum of 12 bags.

Handling and Safety

Refer to PPC Safety Data Sheet, obtainable from PPC or the PPC Website.


SUREWALL is available from the Bulawayo to the Harare sales offi ces and various retail outlets.


PPC Cement sales can be contacted for delivered prices. Contact details are:

  • Portland House
    Cnr. J.M.N. Nkomo Street & 13th Ave,
    P.O. Box 1493. Bulawayo
  • 2111 Ventersburg, Sunway
    Industrial Msasa, Harare

Technical Information

Typical technical data is supplied below. Further technical information can be obtained from the PPC Cement sales office on on (Harare) +263 782 722 780 and (Bulawayo) +263 772 144 786.

PPC has comprehensively equipped chemical, cement and concrete laboratories and can supply specific information and assistance
regarding cement and concrete technology.