Strength Beyond the Bag

Going Beyond the Bag!

PPC constantly strives to bring you innovative, industry-first products and services that allow you to do the best job you can. When you buy PPC products you get much more than just cement. We offer a trusted partnership that is with you on every build and “go beyond” expectations, that’s what STRENGTH BEYOND THE BAG means to us. With PPC Cement you get access to a superior products, extraordinary value for money, after-sales support, state of the art packaging and on-site delivery.

Consistent Quality Cement

PPC Zimbabwe offers a range of products to cater to our customers needs no matter how intricate the building project is.

Efficient Deliveries

PPC Cement offers customers fast and efficient on-site delivery for all large construction projects. Saving you time and money!

Palletised Packaging

PPC Zimbabwe has a state of the art palletiser and plastic cover wrapping machine - a first in Zimbabwe's cement industry. This has improved our output to ensure enhanced service delivery and turn-around time for our clients.


PPC has produced cement for many of Zimbabwe’s most famous landmarks and construction projects. As a local producer, PPC is proud to be making a positive contribution to the people of Zimbabwe through employment, enterprise development and community support. PPC will continue to support Zimbabwe’s infrastructural industry and community growth.