Our People

PPC'S Kambuku way of life

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ople are integral to maintaining the Kambuku philosophy. The word 'Kambuku' is derived from Tsonga and means 'great tusker', referring to an elephant bull, whose characteristics of tenacity and loyalty sum up our value-based management philosophy.

This PPC 'way of life' creates a healthy, rewarding and satisfying working environment - one in which everyone has the opportunity to contribute to our success and their own development, and to be recognised for excellence.

With its focus on employee value creation, the Kambuku initiative was introduced 10 years ago. It has entrenched a high-performance culture across PPC based on employee engagement, growth and strong values, underpinning the way PPC does business. To maintain the passion and commitment of our people, it is important to continuously provide clear direction and realignment of our organisation's systems to current and future business challenges.Content Divider.

Enrichment - cementing the way ahead

To ensure sustainable business performance in a challenging environment, the Kambuku value-creation model is continually reviewed and strengthened.

The Kambuku enrichment initiative aims to establish a strong foundation to continuously empower employees and facilitate their growth. It also provides opportunities to advance individual mentoring and coaching skills, foster a greater understanding of PPC's REAL (relevant, empowered, actualised and lasting) transformation philosophy, and enhance the ability of managers to inspire employees in a diverse environment.

Employment Policy

The company is committed to creating a workplace in which individuals of ability and application can develop rewarding careers at all levels, regardless of their background, race or gender. The company's employment policy emphasises opportunity for all and seeks to identify, develop and reward each employee who demonstrates the qualities of individual initiative, enterprise, hard work and loyalty in their job and is embraced by participative programmes designed to achieve appropriate communication and sharing of information between employer and employee. These policies include appropriate training, recruitment targets and development programmes.

Ultimately, this enrichment initiative aims to increase the ability and effectiveness of team members through broad-based skills that ensure continuous improvement.

Creating lasting value for our people

For the past decade, Team PPC has embraced the processes and principles of Kambuku to develop a world-class operation, founded on passion, commitment, innovation and teamwork.

As part of this process, our organisational performance model sets the benchmark for internal standards, systems and processes that facilitate employee engagement and participation. The effectiveness of each element in the model is measured annually.