Concrete is a composite consisting of the following main constituents: cement, aggregates, water, and admixtures.


Product Description

Concrete is a composite consisting of the following main constituents: cement, aggregates, water, and admixtures.


At PPC Readymix, we offer a wide range of readymix products. These include:

  • Standard concrete mixes
  • Pumpable mixes
  • Self-levelling and self-compacting concrete
  • Fibre re-inforced concrete
  • No fines concrete
  • Coloured concrete
  • Screeds
  • Retarded mortar
  • Dry mortar

Note: Special concrete mixes can be designed to meet specific contract specifications.


Our Readymix products are supplied in accordance with the SANS 878 and complies with the "Mild Exposure" category as set out in Clause 6.2.2, Table 1 of SANS 10100 (Standard specifications for Civil Engineering Construction -G: Concrete-Structural). All materials and aggregates comply with the relevant SANS standards.

Readymix versus on site batching

Factors Hand/Manual/Site Mix Ready Mix Concrete
Concrete Consistency Fairly difficult to achieve consistency since it is manually mixed at site. Concrete and mortar is consistent since it is computerized machine produced.
Manpower Requirement Requires more labour force - both skiilled and unskilled for mixing the concrete and mortar and shifting it, laying and compacting. Skilled labour required only to lay and compact the concrete.
Material Management Requires proper management with material sourcing, ordering, sorting and management for availability at site. Only requires management with regards to how much and when concrete or mortar is required.
Time Spent/Planning Requires more time compared to RMC Requires less time compared to Site Mix. However contractor must ensure he is ready for pour on arrival of readymix truck.
Site Condition Requires enough space to accommodate and store materials and site mix machinery. Requires a road width of minimum 4m for smooth maneuvering of the RM truck.
Product Quality Little to none production control with no backup information available. Product quality monitored constantly, products test regulary, process computerized providing backup documents.
Quality control on Raw Materials Little to no control over material consistency.

Consistently monitor and test material quality.

Laboratory test results for concrete Normally not tested for site mixes. The owner can opt for cube testing by any third party testing laboratories. In house testing results are made available to clients.

Support Services

In addition to the product that we offer, PPC provides after sales service Technical Support to ensure that you get the most out of your build. Our Technical Support team offers:

  • Recommendations regarding mixes required
  • Technical service before and after casting of concrete
  • Developing of new mixes
  • Testing of concrete

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