Hydrated Lime

Water treatment, soil stabilisation, construction

Hydrated Lime

Hydrated Lime

Chemical Formula   Ca(OH)2 
Alternative Names  Slaked lime, Calcium hydroxide, Hydrate


Product Code  Pack Code  Product Description   Packing  Unit 
620010 600 Hydrate Lime Bulk Ton
620023 650 Hydrate Lime - Bulk Bags  1.2 m3 Ton
620033 653 Hydrate Lime - Bulk Bags Spoutties  1.2 m3 Ton
620042 651  Hydrate Lime - Bulk Bags 500kg Ton
620041 123 Hydrate Lime 25kg Pockets Ton
621041 123 Hydrate Limebuild 25kg Pockets Ton
625041 123 Hydrate Hydrabond Lime 25kg Pockets Ton
620044 124 Hydrate Lime - Sling Bulk bags 1.2 m3 Ton



Typical Chemical analysis
Typical Chemical analysis Typical %
Available calcium as CaO 69.0
Total calcium as CaO 72.0
Total magnesium as MgO 1.5
Manganese as Mn2O3 1.0
Iron as Fe2O3 0.5
Aluminium as Al2O3 0.3
Silica as SiO2 1.0
Carbon Dioxide (CO2) 1.0
Combined moisture 23.0
Free Moisture 0.3
Physical Properties

Bulk density (kg/m3)

   Aerated   De-Aerated 
 Bulk density (kg/m3)   450  600


Air separated t produce the following typical size analysis:

Size:   Screen Apperture (um)   % Retained (Typical) 
   850  0.0
   600  0.0
   215  1.0
   150  5.0
   75  15.0
   -75  79.5

Color: Buff due to the presence of Manganeses as Mn2O3

Angle of respose: Very fluid in the aerated state (0° - 5°)

Typical Applications

Neutralisation or pH control, coagulation and other diverse chemical processes.

Quality Assurance

PPC Lime, Lime Acres has ISO 9001 certification for Quality Management System.


Available from Lime Acres, Northern Cape in:

Bulk: Supplied in pneumatic unloading rail or road tankers.

Bags: Packed in polypropylene bags – 25kg, 500kg or 1000kg and despatched in rail or road trucks.


Moisture free air is essential for bulk unloading.


Keep under cover.


Hydrated Lime is strongly alkaline having a saturation pH of 12.4 in an aqueous solution. Refer to the MSDS which is available on request

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