FGD Limestone

Flue gas desulphurisation

FGD Limestone


Chemical Formula CaCO3
Alternative names/ description Calcium Carbonate


Products Product Code Pack Code Packing Unit
FGD Limestone +2-10mm 641000 500 BULK Ton

Typical Chemical analysis

Typical Chemical analysis Typical %
Calcium Carbonate as CaCO3 93.0
Magnesium Carbonate as MgCO3 3.0
Silica as SiO2 1.8
Manganese as Mn2O3 0.7
Iron as Fe2O3 0.3
Aluminium as Al2O3 0.4
Sulphur as SO3 <0.08
Phosphorous as P2O5 <0.005
Ignition Loss 43.1


Flue gas desulphurisation


Bulk lump limestone is delivered from lime Acres via either covered tipper road trucks or rail trucks.


Limestone does not have any special storage requirements

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