Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility / Investment

Habesha Cement believes that its operations have a strong impact on many peoples’ lives and their local economies. Our Company has been engaged in diverse social and economic activities including job creation, market enhancement, infrastructure development such as roads, water wells, and supporting health and education development activities in surrounding areas of the plant and quarry sites.

In order to implement our CSR plans of infrastructure and social development of local communities, our company has allocated 3 million ETB per year for the coming 3 consecutive years.

Here are few of the CSR/I activities in which Habesha Cement has involved with:

Connecting the Community with Road

  • The construction of 10 km gravel road connecting HCSCs Quarry & Crusher site with Goro town.
  • Upgrading 21 Km road connecting Goro town with Goro village at Muger asphalt road junction.
  • Spent an estimate of 40 million ETB.

Water for All

  • Safe drinking water to the local community around plant site, which is expected to benefit more than 100 households and the Goro Mako health center.

Supporting Health with Solar Power

  • The company has donated a full package of solar power generator to Goro Mako Community Health Center costing 300,000 ETB.

Reaching Hands

  • Financial support of half a million ETB to the drought affected areas in the Oromia National Regional State & a donation of 100,000 ETB to the special zone of Oromia surrounding Finfinnee.

Nurturing the Future with Education

  • Donation of supplementary books and globs to 12 primary schools in Five woredas of Welmera, Ejere, Meta Robi, Meta Welqite and Holeta Town. More than 2,300 supplementary books were distributed and expected to reach about 6,000 students of Grades 1-8. The donation costed about 120,000 ETB.

Improved Seed Donation

  • Improved chickpea seed was distributed to farming households in Five Kebeles of Wolmera woreda whose crop fields were flooded by torrential rain fall in Ethiopia summer.

Creating Employment Opportunity

  • Since its project phase, the company had created a job opportunity for skilled and unskilled labor force.
  • On its current operation phase, among 743 employees 569 (77%) are employed from the local districts of our operation areas in different forms of employment: permanent, contract and in organized associations.

Supporting Youth Entrepreneurship

  • Organized unemployed Youth around Meta Welqite (Suba Gajo locality) in a Tyre repair business. The support includes complete technical training and working equipment costing about 100,000 ETB.
  • Donated an aggregate crusher to 33 unemployed university graduate Youth around Goro area organized by the districtas SME office. Installation of the crusher and full technical support costed around 500,000 ETB.
  • Created a market link for unemployed Youth organized in Five associations around Adama Adeaa, Adeaa Berga & Welmera districts in supply of Pumice, Sandstone & Selected raw materials.

Contributing for the Economic Improvement of local areas

  • Habesha Cement Share Company has highly contributed for the economic improvement & commercialization of agriculture & industrial products as well as development of informal sectors as a source of income in its operation areas.

We are determined to remain partners with local communities and regional governments to resolve their challenges through executing our social responsibility objectives with special focus to the welfare of the community and development of infrastructure.