South Africa's first cement plant was established in 1892

PPC Ltd was established in 1892 as De Eerste Cement Fabrieken Beperkt. Our history is closely linked to the growth and development of South Africa & has produced cement for many of the country's most famous landmarks and construction projects.


The beginning of PPC

The beginning of PPC


Cement company name change

The Eerste Cement Fabrieken Beperkt changes its name to The First Portland Cement Factory Limited.


PPC Lime in Northern Transvaal

The Northern Lime Company later t become PPC Lime, commences operations in what was then the Northern Transvaal.


Portland Cement Factory Name Change

The First Portland Cement Factory changes its name to the Pretoria Portland Cement Company Limited and declares its first dividend – and the company has never failed to declare a dividend since then.


Listing on JSE

Eighteen years after its inception, PPC is listed on the JSE.


Slurry Factory

PPC’s new Slurry factory in the North West province produces its first cement.

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