PPC is committed to building strong partnerships with leaders and members of the local community. In the process, PPC has initiatives that are geared at improving the livelihoods of the local community.

The Technical Skills Academy is a school that PPC Barnet DRC has created to train the young and enthusiastic people from the surrounding villages where our factory is located.

The Technical Skills Academy commenced its first training module on the 1st of July 2015 with the first promotion that has worked very well so far and has been a great success. Having quality staff and the teachers, the module is well delivered to the satisfaction of participants and our objectives.

The training is based on the basic principles for an engineer in the following areas:

  • Mechanical and Electrical
  • Skills to everyday life
  • Basic English language skills

The first batch of students graduated on 30 September 2015 at the PPC Training Centre. Graduates were awarded with certificates and tool kits which consisted of basic electrical, welding, fitting and turning tools. Graduates can then use these tools to create jobs for themselves. PPC is currently getting accreditation for the certificate in DRC and in SA, which means that artisans will qualify for a number of formal job opportunities.

Corporate Social Initiatives (CSR)

PPC has contributed to improving the livelihoods of people living in DRC and providing education for the learning on new skills by initiating the following Corporate Social Initiatives:

  • Implementation of Malaria vector control programme by spraying and fogging on a regular basis within the villages located in PSI and SSI (Zamba, Malanga, Malanga Gare, Nkumba, Kuzi, Nkoko, Kiasungwa, and Mankayi).  
  • Establishment of a tree nursery for rehabilitation work. PPC Barnet quarry is home to many indigenous flora including Kambala, Limba, Flamboyant and Acacia. To sustain the existence of these plants, the company has embarked on a massive project to both transplant seedlings from the quarry pit to the nursery as well as germinate seeds of various species.
  • The seedlings will be used to rehabilitate the quarry with the indigenous plants once the mining of limestone is finished. Currently, the nursery has over 10,000 seedlings of various indigenous plants. In addition, the nursery nurtures different food crops such as onions, tomatoes, spinach and various types of beans for teaching the local community of effective crop husbandry.
  • Sanitation improvement and desks donation to all Malanga schools.
  • Provision of clean water at Zamba and Malanga villages.
  • Assistance to local communities in developing skills and improving crop performance for household consumption and commercial use (Vegetable production and small farming activities).
  • Construction of the market where local community will sell and buy their respective produce (Vegetables, chicken, etc).
  • Coaching of single mothers living within four villages located in PSI –establishment of a Craft and Art centre.
  • Improvement of Malanga Health Centre building and assistance with some medical equipment.
  • Launched HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention campaign in the workplace and community in collaboration with PNLS and CIELS.
  • Community training on child nutrition.